Written by: Levi Stuckey Posted on: October 2, 2019 Blog: Stories


You've heard it said, "it takes a village". This is true of raising children, and it's also true of developing mature Christians. It takes a local Church!

Our hope and desire for everyone at Crossroads is that they would be fully engaged in the family life of Crossroads (More on that here). We hope that "church" would be more than just attending a service on Sundays. Our desire is for Crossroads people to connect on a deep and meaningful level in personal relationships where we can challenge, uplift, encourage, and just simply share life together.

In an effort to deepen those connections we offer a monthly night of food and fellowship we call Life Support.

Generally we meet at the church from 5-7 for a time to share a meal and hear from God's word about a life relevant topic. From time to time however we just do something fun. March 26th we went bowling!

We had a great turn out and and I think it's safe to say a new Crossroads tradition has begun! Check out the pics!