Life Hacks | Speak up!

Length: 00:00 Speaker: Levi Stuckey Date: September 6, 2020 Series: Life Hacks | Learning to Live From Proverbs

Christians need to learn to speak up, carefully, kindly and constructively. Is what you're about to say true? It it timely? Is to to the right person? Can you say it kindly, with grace and love and is it constructive? Will it build up the person who hears it into Christ-likeness.

For anyone wanting to learn more about Critical Theory from a Biblical perspective, you'll find this series of blog articles helpful: "Social Justice Critical Theory and Christianity, are they compatible?" - by Neil Shenvi

Also, here's a link to the book I mentioned: The Rise of Christiantiy Rodney StarkRodney Stark and my synopsis of the book if you want a cliff notes version.

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