Hosea 6 Repentance: A Lifestyle of Helplessness

Length: 31:49 Speaker: Levi Stuckey Date: September 25, 2016 Series: Scandalous Love

Nothing is more honoring to a father than when one of his children cries out to him from their helplessness, "Daddy, fix it!" Just like a little toddler, we are utterly helpless before God. Embracing our helplessness not only honors Him as our Good Father, but also enables us receive the transformative power of His love. It's not, however, automatic. We've got to embrace our helplessness and cry out to our Father, making our need known and inviting God to meet that need. Are you feeling helpless in your struggle against sin? Embrace your helplessness and allow it to drive you to your good Father in prayer!
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