Acts 1:1-11 | Unleashed

Length: 34:33 Speaker: Levi Stuckey Date: January 7, 2018 Series: Unleashed (Acts 1-10)


Because of Jesus, there is more to this life and we can live free. Jesus sent us His Spirit and by His power in us, we can live unleashed! If you’re in Jesus you have an immense power within you that is chomping at the bit like a twitching race horse facing down the track. Jesus has done the work. He’s ready to unleash His power through you to live with tranfsormed relationships and marriages, to witness, to heal and to truly live. To walk in Christ's power though we need to stop living on the fringe of the Christian life. We've got to wade into the depths of Christ where our feet no longer touch bottom and HIs Current is able to direct us as He wills. Let's join Christ in the great adventure of faith. God is ready to move through you! It’s time to Act. It’s time to live unleashed!

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