Your Work Matters: Work is Good Genesis 2:1-17

Length: 29:30 Speaker: Levi Stuckey Date: April 19, 2015 Series: Your Work Matters Tagged: Your Work Matters Genesis 2:1-17 Work

Whether you're a stay at home mom changing diapers, a mechanic fixing cars, or an office worker pushing paper, work is an exhausting and often a frustrating part of our lives. If we operate by the world's standards, work will leave us exhausted, discouraged and empty. Thankfully the Bible is not silent about our work! Over the next month we'll examine what God wants us to know about work! Hopefully this series will help you find joy and satisfaction in your work. This morning we're going back to where work began, Genesis. In Genesis we'll discover that any work that needs to be done is good work to do and it matters greatly to God!
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