Parenting On Purpose | Hebrews 12:4-13

Length: 38:21 Speaker: Wes Hoffmire Date: September 30, 2018 Series: Parenting On Purpose


It is vital for the good of our kids that we learn to discipline them in love as our Heavenly Father disciplines us.

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If you're wondering what behavior is worthy of discipline, we've found the 4 D's to be incredibly helpful. In you're child's behavior is disrespectful, dishonest, disobedient or destructive he or she needs disciplined. There are many behaviors like laziness, clumsiness, or childishness that fall outside of these categories. Your child may need trained to be more careful or exhorted to work harder, but unless they are being dishonest, disrespectful, disobedient or willfully destructive chances are that discipline (read spanking) is not necessary.

It takes a village to raise godly children with character. Please take advantage of our small groups, Bible studies, and godly older parents. If you're struggling to parent your children, your Church family is here to help. Bring up your issues in one of our groups. Call Wes or Levi. Seek out an older godly wise couple who's children are moved out. You're not alone in this struggle. The struggle is real, but as Wes said, imperfect parents can still be effective parents because of Jesus Christ! Remember if you're in Jesus, you are equipped to parent because the same Spirit that raise Christ from the dead lives in you!

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