DR Trip 2015

Written by: Levi Stuckey Posted on: December 1, 2015 Blog: Stories

Dr trip 2015

Every year Crossroads takes at least one team down to the Dominican Republic in cooperation with Solid Rock International to serve the people of the Dominican and share the love of Christ. This year, Dough and Terri Lindsey lead a team of 21 people down to do just that. This team preformed surgeries (22 in total), administered regular medical care, and worked in construction on the new medical facility that Solid Rock is building. In was a very productive trip.

A typical day was composed of the surgery team preforming surgeries at Solid Rock's modest medical clinic that's located where the team ate and slept. The medical team traveled daily into surrounding neighborhoods, sometimes a hour or more away. They set up shop at a school or church and administered routine health checkups and family care to 200 people or more a day. The construction crew traveled 5 minutes down the road to the construction site every day and worked on constructing a block security wall that surrounds the new clinic that is also under construction.

The highlight of the trip for me was the one day I didn't work construction but instead joined the medical team out in the barrios or neighborhoods. At every neighborhood the medical team set up a clinic, Dominican pastors would join the team. As the doctors saw patients the pastors would go into the village to evangelize and share the gospel with the local residents. I joined them in this endeavor and was able to share the good news about Jesus with a few families of one village. It's hard to know the fruit of something like this, but it was encouraging to at least know seeds of the gospel were being planted.

There are so many differences between Dominicans and Americans but despite all those differences, the good news of Jesus is not hindered by them! The gospel of Jesus bridges the divides of language, race, socio-economic status, and culture. It was an amazing privilege to see the gospel going forth unencumbered by those things that divide us as well as a great reminder that no matter how much or how little you have, not matter your race or ethnicity, no matter the language you speak, people everywhere are flawed and in desperate need of a Savior! Praise God for Jesus, who became that Savior for us!

Enjoy the pictures and begin praying about the possibility of you joining our next trip!

In Christ,