Written by: Levi Stuckey Posted on: August 24, 2015 Tagged: Baptism Testimony Blog: Stories


We are so excited to inform everyone of three new believers here at Crossroads Napoleon! Kyra Snell. Bethany Blackwood. And Rachel Blackwood. Sunday night, August 23rd, we held a small baptism service at the Blackwood's pond and these three ladies professed faith in Christ and the testified to the inward transformation that faith brings about. They were thus baptized as a symbol of their death and cleansing from sin through the death of Christ, and raised from the water to life anew in Christ!

Bethany shared how she was raised in a Christian home and has come to realize that life is better when she does it depending and trusting in Jesus to help her get through the "drama" that teenage girls face.

Rachel shared that she too was raised in a Christian home and has struggle with perfectionism over the years. She professed that her faith in Jesus helps her overcome her perfectionism and that she takes comfort in knowing that the God of Heaven accepts her not because she's perfect, but because Christ was perfect for her.

Kyra expressed that as she recently moved to the Napoleon area, she found herself feeling quite empty inside. Juanitta Cline, a member from our church, took time in the checkout line at Chief's to visit with Kyra and invite her to our Church. Kyra accepted that invitation and came to trust in Jesus from attending here as well as from some great personal witnessing from a few of our members! Kyra discovered that faith is what her life was missing. A relationship with Jesus has made all the difference. Now she knows the peace which is only found in Christ!

Praise God! What a joy it is when Christ adds to His Kingdom! Be encouraged! Our God is big enough to use our parenting as well as our time in the checkout line to bring the lost to salvation!